The Wave of Change Episode 004 with Bill Schmarzo

 Episode 004 - "The Decade of Data Value..." Featuring the one and only 'The Dean of #BigData!' and CTO, IoT and Analytics at Hitachi Vantara, Bill Schmarzo! @schmarzo  Bill is a global force in Data Science, AI, and Analytics.  Bill shares insights that if followed will certainly drive value when adopting emerging technologies.  Bill details the importance of the role of the CIO, and not the traditional CIO!, in rolling out AI, Data Science, Analytics, and Automation.  

Wave of Change 007 with Sarbjeet & Neil

 007 - Special Agents Neil Cattermull @NeilCattermull & Sarbjeet Johal @sarbjeetjohal take on sharing an analyst's perspective Project2020 talking about case files Blockchain, Cloud 2.0, and 5G.  @TmanSpeaks is very excited to have Neil and Sarbjeet as guests sharing great insights in what will Blockchain look like and the year of the Apps, trust/trustless, democratization; Cloud 2.0 and the year of the Platform; and, 5G.  Representing London UK, San Francisco USA, and Edmonton Canada.  

TmanSpeaks Chat with John Hewie, CSO - Microsoft Canada

Work Re-Worked #MSFTChangeAgents As a Brand Ambassador for Microsoft, TonyFlath, TmanSpeaks, had the great opportunity to chat with John Hewie, CSO Microsoft Canada on the Supply Chain and ROI that's driven by Cyber Criminals 

EPISODE 002 #SchmarzoSpeaksWithTman

Bill Schmarzo, CTO, Hitachi Vantara relates Gameboy Final Fantasy Legend 2 to Data Science.  A must watch on better understanding data science and how to build a team, a look at how to disrupt to enable digital transformation, a look at emerging tech and rapid change.  Multicloud is here to stay and edge computing will grow.  Make sure you have a notepad when you watch. 

EPISODE 018 - IBM Think2019 New Project TalkwithTman

Influencers Perspectives from IBM Think 2019 - Christopher Penn, Craig Mullins, Michael Fisher, Ryan Boyles, Dan Yarmoluk - Cloud, Multicloud, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, IoT, Blockchain, IBM Watson, Cybersecurity 

EPISODE 001 #SchmarzoSpeaksWithTman

There's no sex in the champagne room... What's the Data Science Silver Bullet?  Yes that's the points that Bill had me cover! Great perspective on Big Data, Data Science, AI, & Analytics. 

EPISODE 017 featuring Jonathan Schaeffer of U of A & Strudel

 Jonathan Schaeffer of University of Alberta and TmanSpeaks chat  about #ArtificalIntelligence #MachineLearning in #Alberta & IBM #Think2019 #IBMPartner you'll have to watch it all to see Jonathan's dog, Strudel make a guest appearance! Edmonton Journal's David Staples referenced 

#WinWithAI - Open To Close - An Influencers Perspective

Winning With AI - IBM Analytics recap from Open to Close featuring Influencers Christopher Penn, Bob Hayes, Steve Ardie, Karen Lopez, Kevin L. Jackson, Theodora Lau, Carla Gentry and Tony Flath.   Also featuring John Furrier with theCube, Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Analytics, and last and certainly not least ESPN sports sensation, Hannah Storm.  A great event! 

NFL Project YouTube

I was at an NFL game today talking about winning with AI @IBM IBM Watson IBM Data Science team up with ESPN and the NFL Fantasy Fooball #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #BigData #Analytics #IoT #WinWithAI 

EPISODE 011 #WinWithAI - Influencers Perspective

Join us September 13, 2018 for IBM's #WinWithAI event. Click here to register for the livestream or join us for the live event in NYC:  As a build up to IBM Analytics.